The cannabis plant has several structures, many of which we can find on any ordinary flowering plant species. Here is a visual guide to some of the most important parts of the cannabis plant.


Often referred to as the “bud site,” a cola refers to the cluster of buds that grow tightly together. 


This term refers to the translucent, mushroom-shaped glands that blanket the cannabis bud. These oils are the basis of cannabinoids and help determine the potency of the bud.


A node is a point at which a branch grows off of the main stem, or one branch from another branch. 

Stigma and pistil

The pistil contains the reproductive parts of a flower. It’s vibrant, hair-like strands of the pistil are called stigmas. Stigmas serve to collect pollen from males. The stigmas of the pistil begin with a white coloration and progressively darken to yellow, orange, red, or brown throughout the maturation process.

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