We live in a world where misinformation is rampant in every industry. Is Delta-8 the new miracle cure for the cannabis industry? or is it simply another future banned substance. The truth is, no one really knows. Let’s start with what Delta-8 is.

Delta-8, a new form of cannabis that has been considered “Cannabis-Lite.”  It’s not exactly marijuana, and it’s not exactly CBD. It’s a hemp-cannabis derivative that exists on the border between cannabis and CBD. The substance gives users a mild/short psychoactive “high.” Many people are intrigued because it manages to squeeze through a legal loophole under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Where is it Legal?

Presently, the cannabinoid is legal in most states due to the hemp loophole, but as we write this that could soon change. As soon as yesterday, Michigan restricted use of Delta-8 THC by the signing of new laws. 

As with anything in the cannabis industry, we must assume the laws will ban or restrict use of this substance. Since it’s a minor cannabinoid, we don’t know much about the genetic makeup. I urge people to take a cautious approach before trying out the cannabinoid. 

We still have much to learn about this substance, but so far the research is promising. 

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